St. Johns High School
St Johns School Building
Letty A Patterson Auditorium

Student Council

As a student body presidency, our objective is to successfully plan and carry out events and activities that will help foster a positive school climate as well as bring students and the community together as a whole.

Last year our theme was #FocusOnTheGood. We did our best to do that and we will continue to do so this year, but for this year's theme we went in a more festive direction.... #LetsDanceSJHS

As the character Ren McCormack wisely said in 1984. “From the oldest of times, people danced for many reasons. They danced so their crops would be plentiful or so that their hunt would be good. They danced to show their community spirit, and they danced to celebrate. And that’s the dancing we’re talking about.” 

We are ready for all the opportunities this school year will bring. Let's dance!

2021–2022 Officers

President: Shantell Perry
Vice President: Afton Cox
Treasurer: Harvey Platt
Secretary: Brooke Smith
Social Manager: Riley Greene
StuCo Advisor: Brandi Oveson