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Plan for Success

Planning for the future while working on finishing high school requirements can be a challenge. Our Guidance Department is here to help, from guiding you through a graduation plan to helping you register for college and providing resources and ideas for college funding.

While our guidance counselor meets with every student throughout the year, we encourage students to be proactive about their high school education and beyond. This page provides you the information you need to explore college and career options as well as to ensure success during your high school years.

Counseling Services

The school counselor maintains up-to-date files on career data, college entrance information, and scholarship material. The counselor assists students with graduation planning, ECAP (Education and Career Action Plan), test interpretation, career information and orientation, scheduling, college advisement and placement, follow-up studies, community resources, and assists students with personal or school related issues. The counselor works closely with the administrative team to best serve students’ educational and career goals and planning.

Graduation Requirements

Our graduation requirements follow the guidelines set by the Arizona Department of Education. These include:

  • English - 4 credits
  • Social Studies - 3 credits
  • Mathematics - 4 credits (to include Algebra II)
  • Science - 3 credits (to include Biology)
  • PE/Health - 1 credit
  • Career & College Readiness course: 1 credit
  • CTE (Career and Technical Education) - 1 credit
  • Other Electives - 6 credits
  • Completion of student Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP)
  • Proper completion throughout high school in the AZ tested courses: English 9, 10 & 11; Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
  • Pass the civics exam with a 60% or better

College Entrance Exams

Standardized testing can strike fear into the most intelligent and confident of students. However, with preparation and knowledge of what to expect, students can conquer this hurdle. Learn more on these sites:

Scholarship Resources

Scholarship opportunities are everywhere. Visit these sites to help you get started.